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Have many terms as Alkaabr, Bee glue, Bee sozab, and Waxy and resinous gum .

It is glutinous gummy substance with brown or greenish brown color and has a distinctive smell and can be treated under low temperatures to converting to powder.

It collected by bees from the trees bark and its flower bud as oak tree, pine, peach and other..

Used by bees to narrow the pores of the hive in winter, fixation of the waxy disks and mummification of any foreign object enter into the hive in order to not spoil it.

It was found in the setout of mummification of the pharos, and its name  means       the defender of the city, '' pro '' means the front and '' polis '' means the city .

Chemical components:

Flavonoid substance, Biotolen, Isovaniline, Gummy substances and Non-saturated aromatic fatty acids (Caffiene and Virolin).


The benefits:

1)     Anti-bacterial,Anti-viral,Anti-fungal and it's a natural antibiotic.

2)     Treatment of laryngitis and mouth disinfectant.

3)     Anti-viral for the liver and influenza viruses.

4)     Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer tumors.

5)     Raising the immunity and renewal of energy.

6)     Diuretic and renal function activation.

7)     The treatment of thyroid disorders and as the result of an experiment performed on 150 patients at Titan hospital in Bucharest about 80% of patients had been healed completely.

8)     The experiments proved its success in treating arthritis orally or locally in pulgey.

9)     Treatment of gastritis, colitis and intestine inflammation and ulcers.


Dose: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon 2-4 times per the day.


To achieve these benefits it must be pure as found in our center in different packages