Natural solution for diabetes patients by enhancing the natural functions of the pancreas:

Natural nutritional herbs (Diabisol) small spoon + pure honey (black cumin) before breakfast and dinner, then hot herbal drink, added to it five droplets of herbs, and do diabetes inspection weekly, on fasting, and on the light of its results the chemical medication is decreased gradually until it reaches its least dose, in a matter of two months, then take herbs for two months, with their reduction to once a day, and periodical checkup is preferred.

** herbal capsules, a capsule twice a day.

** 5 droplets of aromatic oil (Diabisol) + water on aromatic tool for 1/4 hour for three times a day.

·       Keep natural regime during taking the herbs.

·      Preferred to take fenugreek sugared by natural honey.

·      The honey shall be pure (present at the center) if not, take milk.

·      Preferred to eat green onions.