Natural solution for hypochondrias:

-         Natural herbal cream (obessiosol massage) cream beside the brows, temples, behind the ears, under the skull and nick, front of the breast, twice a day with good massaging.

-        Herbal oils obessisol 5ml, 2 droplets on a handkerchief, smelled from the other side many times a day, and 5 droplets of water on an aromatic tool twice or three times a day, (once in the evening).

-        Herbal drink M, twice a day, sugared by Bardakosh flower honey.


Regime system:

Herbal system:

1-      Grinned herbs, medium spoon before eating by half an h our + Bardakosh honey then a cup of herbal drink, f2, hot and sugared by the same honey.

2-     Herbal oil (Aromatherapy) 2 droplets on a handkerchief inhaled deeply before eating by 15 minutes.

3-     Herbal cream for the spots full of fats with circular massaging twice a day, and leave the body for 90 minutes before washing (fomentation by a hot water skin 3-5 minutes before cream).

Adhering to this system will reduce the weight from 5 to 10 kilograms monthly.