Natural solution for peripheral neuritis, and cartilaginous slithering:

Natural herbs (Neurosol):

1-     Small spoon + pure honey (Bardakosh flower) before breakfast and dinner.

2-     Herbal droplets 5 droplets + hot drink (camomel) directly after dinner and sugared by the same honey.

3-     Herbal cream, preferred fomentation with a hot water skin then cream it with massaging in the morning and evening.

4-     Vitamin B, one injection a day, for 9 days, then a capsule three times a day from the same type for two months.



-         Must avoid carrying heavy weights and not to eat things on standing, important to bend the knees.

-         Better to eat pineapples twice  day, also artichoke, in addition to celery to the salad.

-         Avoid cold air currents, also the sudden change in temperature.

-         Duration of usage 3 months then a rest for a month, repeat when necessary.