Special Natural Products

Royal Jelly

Products of the bees are the gift of the God for the human specially the royal jelly (which is thick substance rich with dietary components, complicated proteins and vitamins as A, B, C, D, E and a lot of minerals, enzymes, hormones, 18 amino acids and also was extracted a principle     [ 10-Hydroxy 2-Endlic Acid ] which may considered the principle to which may be belongs its distinct killing effect for the bacteria and viruses, also it has different benefits as mentioned in the report of Hopkins university for technology(WWW.HOPTECHNO.COM) as:

1)     Treatment for digestion and stomach disturbances.

2)     Increases the Endocrine gland secretion, and Pancaritis treatment.

3)     Treatment of liver disease and biliary passages.

4)     Raising the immunity system efficiency.

5)     Provides the body with energy and to overcome fatigue.

6)     Treats menopausal disorders.

7)     Used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and help flexibility of Movement.

8)     Reduces stress and depression.

9)     Effective treatment for acute bronchitis and pertussis.

10)   Activates sexual glands for both males and females, providing a great vitality in this respect.

11)  The treatment of skin diseases such as eczema and dandruff, acute neuritis and carbuncles.

Dose of 1-2 gm per day as the using case.

*** It differs according to the source of feeding of bees , and the god gifts our country and the neighboring places with the best kinds and the highest ones in the nutritional values as proved by the laboratory analysis and testing and it has high quality than the kinds of the other countries of world like United States , Europe and China , so its price is higher than other types, Our center offers the two types in different packages: the high quality local type and then the Chinese type