What do you know about AROMATHERAPY?          

 An ancient science based on using aromatic oils extracted from some herbs to treat several health problems and to reach the best physical and mental status .

Examples of oils used in AROMATHERAPY :

The center at present uses around 250 oils

Lavender                                Chamomile

Rosemarry                             Marjorm

Cypress                                  Petit grain

Fennel                                     Neroli

Tea Tree

 We started with Lavender oil since it is one of the few oils used without dilution .We believe that every house should have at least a small bottle of it because a few drops of it on a burn  heal it and prevent causing any scares and this oil also has a lot of other advantages .

 Products of these oils:

Here are some products of these oils which gives quick and effective results for some cases that may face:


Natural Solution

Bad memory ,Bad concentration, Studying problems  


Exam night anxiety , distraction , helps in interviews

Exam-night Petitgrain

Reoccurring headache , Neural headache

Headachesol Chamomile


Migrisol Rosemarry

Sexual impotence anaphrodisia

Desiresol Neroli

Physical exhaustion, Disability to relax after an exhausting day

Relaxisol Marjoram

Insectss’ stings and bites

Stingsol  tea tree

A house full of flies and mosquitoes

Insect-away Cypress

Insomnia (sleeplessness) and interrupted sleep

Sleep easy lavander

Stress and tension led to physical and neural exhaustion

Stessisol Geranium

Obesity an Flabbiness

Fatisol Cypress

Smelling mouth and breath

Fresh Breath  pepperment

Extra sweating hands and feet

Sweat free  tee tree

Fungi and smelling feet

Foot free  tee tree


Period-free  pepperment



Anxiety  and neural tension

Don’t Worry

Acne and Pilasters

Acnesol  prime rose

Freckles , Scars and spots on face


Loss and slow growing hair ,dandruff

Hair Grower   Rosmarry

Wrinkles and marks on stomach and bdy after giving birth or losing weight

Striation Away Orange


Frustisol Junper

High blood pressure , hypertension

B.P. sol   margoram

Pain in bones ,joints and muscles

Rhumasol  Avocado

 Wait for New Products of Aromatherapy.

 Soon we will present solutions for

1.Period disorders

2.Anger and rage

3.foot deodorant

4.tired feet